I have stepped forward from a fabulous few years as Director of Employee Success for the then Canadian software startup, Stantive Technologies Group. As ES Director I led recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and employee relations for 50+ new hires (Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, USA, Australia). My greatest joy was helping employees develop new skills, competencies and opportunities in our fast-paced tech world.

I have led many projects in both the public and private sectors. I know that my eclectic work is the origin of my professional strengths helping me develop keen listening skills, patience and flexibility. Also my work enabled my commitment to continuous learning and an appreciation of generational and cultural differences and their contributions to leadership, growth and success.

I’ve created and taught both college and university-level courses in gerontology, communications, teamwork and leadership; co-created and managed the first Healthcare Teamwork Institute at Queen’s University (Canada), and then moved on to develop more new programs and ventures.

Before becoming Director of Employee Success, I led marketing during Stantive’s tenure as an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) for global tech giant Sun Microsystems. In this role I focussed on website design, communications and strategic partner and customer events.

When Stantive pivoted from a hardware sales company to a software startup, I worked with a small creative and technical team to create the initial branding of Stantive’s flagship software platform, OrchestraCMS.

The lure of technology and its explosive role in learning and growth was fostered early on in me when I “entered cyberspace” to create and direct a national online mentoring program for then Elderhostel Canada (now Routes to Learning Canada)  connecting older adults with university students. At the same time I collaborated in the creation of three onsite cross-Canada mentoring programs.

As a writer I maintain a stack of notebooks filled with ideas, drawings, and possibilities. Often I’ll pull from this stash for a special writing project as I did when I wrote The Girls in the Front Row. Stories, Secrets, Lessons.  In Girls, fourteen women, aged sixteen to ninety, tell their powerful, inspirational stories of early mother loss. Now in Edition 2 and boasting a coveted print and design award, Girls is a key resource in respite centers, hospices, and online libraries as well as with individuals across Canada, USA and Australia. View the book trailer and meet the Girls talented design team.

I’m often told that I’m a natural connector and as both a professional and volunteer fundraiser I’ve helped raise over 2 million dollars in project grants, donations and gifts.

Also as a volunteer, I’ve had some real fun creating buzz for the beautiful Thousand Islands through two videos I produced in working with “rock star” Thousand Islanders and a small team of talented college students.  View PASSION and VOICES now boasting 40,000+ views and widely shared as a “digital billboard” for the Islands.

I’ve been a palliative care volunteer, an Alzheimer’s community volunteer and a family caregiver. To date I have served on six governing boards in the healthcare sector. From 2008-2012 I was Strategic Marketing Advisor to WinterGreen Studios. In the Arts I worked on the Grand Theatre (Kingston, Canada) Restoration Project, and from 2012-2015 I was a member of the Board of Directors, Thousand Islands Foundation for the Performing Arts focusing on strategic fundraising.

I hold a B.A. (Psych), Waterloo, Honours and an M.Ed. Oklahoma, Summa Cum Laude. I  am a Canadian Prairie girl and have lived in 5 of Canada’s 10 provinces plus the USA.